Active StandBy Like S60v3 Builtin StandBy

Posted by Beta Mobiles Wednesday, September 16, 2009

screenshot0001g Active StandBy Like S60v3 Builtin StandBy
Hi family today I m again here a with my additional covering titled StandBy.Which healthy to exhibit
Desktop Shortcuts same built-in Active StandBy.(See Screenshots)
1. Can exhibit upto 6 apps shortcuts.
2. Can be Hidden by Pressing RED KEY to ingest Built-in Stand By mode.
3. Position of the pane crapper be changed.
4. Shortcuts for every apps(including Hidden) crapper be additional modify choice menu.
Python 1.4.5 and Ultra python Module pack

1. First HIDE pane by imperative RED KEY before imperative the POWER KEY BUTTON to alter soured or Profile change.
2. May hit whatever Bugs.
3. It is proven on N73 (240×320 resolution). Not Sure most OTHER RESOLUTION PHONES.

Download Here
Download Here Python


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