Animation Menu Plus+ (made my Myvis07)

Posted by Beta Mobiles Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beautiful transitions (kastor effects) in your cell

Video by Devilwasabi:

(Due 2 python based, this needs python and modulespack):

Up to 19 types of transitions..
This works cells with theme effect.

The first 8 worked 4 me (before it was a pain on the i8910HD) with C2Z and open4all running...
I just made theme effects of and back on...
No needs to restart ur phone..

I tested it on i8910Hd and it worked 4 the first 4..
And on E memory!

Compatibility report:

Nokia 6220c
Nokia 5800
N86 8MP


This is a modded repack from our Steve24 (myvis07 agreed on it):
this is a repack of animation menu + with some of your effects in it

if wanna try it download here


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