Change your Startup-animation ONLY FOR HACKED Phones

Posted by Beta Mobiles Thursday, September 3, 2009

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As I have already said few times, thanks to the our mighty FCA, S60 platform is truly open to anything and his platform hack have opened up numerous possibilities in the area of hacking the phone interface and making it more eye pleasant!! Now when the S60 3rd edition security is broken and when the ROM patcher is available the only real limit for phone customization is the edge of our imagination.

There are bunch of talented young hackers around the Symbian Freak and you can expect much more cool hacks and patches to come shortly. Anyway, speaking about the hack, first of all it doesn’t patch the ROM it is the pretty simple meth... ..

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Hack your start-up animation and sound - full story

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NightShift79 ft. rol@N95d ft. Teo

So people start creating individual Startup.mbms Wink

CONFIRMED WORKING ON N82, N95, N95 8GB, E51, E60, E90
SEEMS NOT TO WORK ON 6120, 6290, 5700, N73, N80, N81


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