How to apply KastorUI effects on N95 8GB

Posted by Beta Mobiles Thursday, September 3, 2009

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* Watch these 2 clips


* Author: KASTORIA and this app can be installed and used on FP1 devices

* Requirements

- Your phones must be hacked
- ROM Patcher has to be installed
- One of the file browser (X-Plorer is recommended)
- Theme in used must be put in C:\

* How to install

1) Download KastorUI.7z then copy to your phones

2) Open X-Plore:

a) Copy folder "effects" to "c:\resource\"
Copy "KastorUI.rmp" to "e:\patches\"
c) Open "c:\resource\skins\" and see what theme you are using, and where exactly it is located .. for example: 1234567887654321
d) Copy "effects.sel" and put it in the theme folder you are using, here is 1234567887654321
e) Then rename "effects.sel" to the name of the skin folder you are using. for example here is c:\resource\skins\1234567887654321\" so change "effects.sel" to "1234567887654321.sel"

3) Open ROM Patcher and apply pacth KastorUI

4) Select themes - "Options" then set "Effects theme" to "Off" then "Enable"

5) Done! Now you can enjoy a new look on your devices

* Download - KastorUI.7z - ROM Patcher


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