iTube v4 : iPhone On S60v5 By Mr. Milk

Posted by Beta Mobiles Saturday, September 5, 2009

I know there are other options for iPhone look on s60v5. But, IMHO, this is the best so far. Not only in terms of design and usability but also regarding system resources usage, stability and performance.
Here is a list of features:
1) Completely touch-screen
2) iPhone Home/Desktop
3) 84 icons, 88×88, 5 pages
4) Instant access to dialer
5) Landscape mode
6) Alphabetical order
7) Fully customizable
8) Fast and takes little memory
And here is a video of what it looks like:
Of course, this was just possible by combining the great apps described below. All the best for their creators.
1) Download
If you happen to have the same or a newer version, you don’t need to reinstall such application. That’s why I didn’t pack it all in a single file.
Install and Setup
1) Unzip GDesk s60v5 Install GDesk.0.33g.sis, GDeskClockS60.0.33g.sis and GDeskInfoViewS60.0.33g.sis. The other plugins are not needed for the iPhone look.
2) Unzip GDesk iTube by and copy the file GDesk iTube by Milk.gdd to any folder on your phone card or internal memory.
3) Run GDesk. Tap anywhere on the screen and choose Load Design. Select the file GDesk iTube by Milk.gdd. Tap again anywhere and select Done.
4) This is very important: tap again on an empty area, choose Options and make sure the following (and ONLY the following) itens are checked: Replace Main, Full Screen, Long Flick, List System Apps, Left soft key: close, Hide title caption, Remember Last Menus, Disable Menu Tap, in this order (see the screenshot below).
5) Now you must have the iPhone home/desktop ready to use.
6) If you want the slide unlocking app, download and follow the instructions from this thread…Change+nUnlock
7) For the menus and general system dialogs, unzip and install the theme iPhone 5th by
8) Finally, I recommend unzipping and installing JBak Taskman Among other things, you can have it autorun GDesk and nUnlock (buggy autostart setting) on phone boot.
2a6kqys iTube v4 : iPhone On S60v5 By Mr. Milkscr000037 iTube v4 : iPhone On S60v5 By Mr. Milk
1) You may have noticed that I didn’t mention the WFvirtualKeyboard 0.9.4.rar. This application emulates a hardware keyboard, not presente on 5800. For customization you must install it.

2) The Disable Menu Tap item in GDesk is needed so that you can use GDesk without tap conflicts. But when it is active, you can’t access the menu unless you press the right-softkey. So, VirtualKey is just for that.

3) Open VirtualKey, choose any keyboard layout and press the right-softkey. On GDesk menu, choose Design. You may now close VirtualKey.
4) To move an icon just click on it and drag it around. To replace its application, click on the icon and choose Replace App on the menu.
5) If you don’t have all applications I do, some of the GDesk icons will not work. You may delete or replace them as needed. By the way, the "Tasks" static icon is set up to run JBak Taskman.
6) To add new icons, click on an empty area and choose Add App. Notice that icons are all 88×88 pixels and were manually added by me (with the option Set Icon). Currently, GDesk largest icon option is not large enough for my liking. Icons are in alphabetical order but there is no magic, you must do it manually.
7) Ideas for having 88×88 icons are downloading or extracting icons from operating systems, libraries or even themes and then resizing them.
Help/More Info
1) This only works either if your phone is hacked or if you have your own certicate and sign the applications. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look for "Certificate Error" on this forum.
2) For more info about GDesk go to…ighlight=gdesk
3) Info about installing and using VirtualKey is found here:…irtualKeyBoard
4) My current setup is 5800XM RM-356 FW 30.0.011, hacked. 61.5MB RAM free after boot (with nUnlock, iPhone theme, JBak and GDesk iTube loaded).
GaryBlue – GDesk
dsma – iPhone Dark theme
Juriy Bakunin – JBak Taskman
ThinkChange – nUnlock
Mr. Milk
Download All File :
iTube v4 Download :…


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