NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus V2.4.0 S60V3

Posted by Beta Mobiles Friday, September 4, 2009

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus, as the first software passing authentic certification by the Ministry of Public Security and product testing by the Research Institution of China Mobile, is a trustworthy mobile product recommended by NetQin is honored as the first Symbian platinum partner in China’s security field, along with the important partner of Windows Mobile in security area. At present, NetQin Anti-virus fully support the most varieties of mobile phones across the world and safeguard the handset security with all one’s strength for you.
(1).Simple interfaceThe interface of NetQin mobile anti-virus system is concise and clean and the users’customs are taken into consideration when designing so that users can realize the functions and secure system without complex operations.
(2).Full and fast static scanningThe core scanning engine utilizes unique characteristic layer of virus core mapping technology and can fully and acurately scan the storage space withou miss or mistake. It is easy to guarantee the safety of your mobile. Considering the resoure and power limit, scanning algorithm and strategy are optimized to scan with minimal power consumption. Regarding software interaction in static scanning, user can pause or stop when scanning and use other function of mobile in the same time. It completely proves the personaliztion of the software.
(3).On time and acurate realtime monitorNetQin mobile anti-virus system can realtime monitor network port and file system, block the threats from short message, multimedia message, bluetooth, infrared, GPRS and so on at very first time.
(4).Clean virus with safety and completenessNetQin mobile anti-virus system has safe & effective anti viru strategy to clean the found virus and user only need somple operation to do it.
(5).File repair without lossNetQin mobile anti-virus system can repair virus-affected files withou loss with virus-affected files repairing function created by us. It is not necessary for user to worry about the impotant files affected by virus. This function will secure your important files.


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