Nokia 5800 Solar Compass: The Navi Machine

Posted by Beta Mobiles Wednesday, September 23, 2009

By the way here to tell you a little sense of life to use a pointer you can watch in a case of judging the direction of the sun. Applies only to the northern hemisphere will first convert the current time a 24-hour, and then divided by 2. Then the sun aligned with the proceeds of points, 12 point is the North.

For example: It is now 16:00, converted to 16 points, divided by two, with 8:00 aligned the sun, 12-point is the North.

Of course there's no built in compass in 5800 but if you know the time and see the sun it's easy to figure where's north. And that is what Navi Machine does. Just point the phone toward the sun and "N" tells you where north is .

Note:-This is not a real navigation device, use real compass or GPS when going outdoors.



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