Opera Mini 5 Beta: Tips and Tricks

Posted by Beta Mobiles Saturday, September 19, 2009

Opera Mini 5 Beta is finally out!

As you can see, a lot has changed since Opera Mini 4. Here are a few tips on how to get more out of the new version.

1) The first thing you should know about is the long hold (or you can use key "1"). Whether you are using a touchscreen or not, holding down for a moment when pressing something like a link or a Speed Dial entry (instead of pressing and releasing immediately), offers various options depending on what you press, such as:

  • Edit or clear Speed Dial
  • Open a link in a new tab
  • Select text
  • Copy text
  • Open image

2) To assign a new Speed Dial, simply press one of the empty slots and type in the address, or choose from the list.

3) The find in page option is in the menu (the button to the right in the touch user interface, or the dropdown below the button toolbar on non-touch phones), along with bookmarks, history, saved pages, settings, and help.

4) The new RSS/newsfeed reader is not available in this beta, but if you want to access the old one, add the address feed:list as a bookmark or Speed Dial.

5) You may be able to copy text from Opera Mini 5 to a different application despite Java not allowing this. To do so, open the Settings, go to Advanced, and disable Inline Editing. You can now copy the text from a page, and paste it into a text input field (such as the search field if none are available on the current page). Editing this text will open the phone's built-in text editor, which might allow you to copy the text from there and to a different application.

6) Non-touch users shouldn't forget the keypad shortcuts. * 1-9 will open a Speed Dial. * up arrow will open a new tab. * down arrow will close a tab, while * left or right arrow will cycle to the left or right tab.

7) Is the lack of T9 predictive texting bothering you? Because Opera Mini is a Java application it can't easily access things like the T9 dictionary on your phone, so it can't support T9 when you are typing inline in forms. If you switch back to the phone's native editor, T9 will work again, but you won't be able to type inline anymore. Disable Inline Editing in the Advanced settings to use the phone's text editor.

Keep in mind that this is a beta version, and there are more surprises in store for you.


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