Ovi Maps Beta For Nokia Touch Device With New Service Launched

Posted by Beta Mobiles Friday, September 4, 2009

 The Nokia Beta Labs today announced the Ovi Maps beta for Nokia Touch devices with addition to new services.With new improved Ovi maps for touch devices apart from finding place and navigation you can get more services live weather, event , real-time car and pedestrian navigation etc. always at your fingertips on your mobile and PC or Mac .

"With Ovi Maps, you can easily find your current location, places nearby, and addresses you are looking for, and save all your favourite places. Get to your destination safe and sound with Drive and Walk, real-time car and pedestrian navigation. If you preload the map data on your compatible Nokia device with Map Loader, you can also use all these features and services offline.
Online you can check out the weather forecasts and events around you. Explore premium travel content by Lonely Planet and Michelin for over 1000 destinations, and find thousands of listings for sights, restaurants, hotels, shops, nightlife, and more."

What is different from the previous release?

* Improved application start up
* Brand new menu with one touch access to content and services
* New and improved one-box search
* New features in car navigation service: ‘Drive home’ and ‘Track me’,
* New features in the pedestrian navigation service: ‘Walk home’ and ‘Track me’,
* Text-to-speech for voice guidance in car and pedestrian navigation, currently available for English and German. More languages will follow for the commercial release.
* Features currently not supported in this release:
o English only for the application language:
o Other languages will follow in the commercial release
o No satellite and terrain maps (only in Walk mode)
o Traffic updates options are only manual or timed, e.g. Every 5, 10, 20, 40 minutes.

Download Ovi Maps Beta for Nokia touch device at Nokia Betalabs.


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