Resco Photo Viewer 5.0 Mod

Posted by Beta Mobiles Saturday, September 5, 2009

rescophotoviewer50 Resco Photo Viewer 5.0 Mod
Faster than your built-in viewerand much more fun! This is a high-quality photo album you can take on the go, perfect for family reunions, the holidays, and to show everyone Juniors 2.34th birthday celebration. The app includes slideshow capabilities, folder management, and color editing. Resco Photo Viewer makes it easier than ever to carry photos in your pocketbecause everyone wants to see pictures of your children. No, really, they do.
Features include:
- Fast and high-quality preview
- Slideshow
- Color editing
- Folder management
A mobile photo album
Use to view, organize and share your images and to give attractive presentations.
So much better than the built-in viewer…
Excellent Viewer
- Many image formats
- Speed, speed, speed everywhere: Images, thumbnails, navigation…
- Do you have thousands of images? No problem.
- Comfortable viewer with zoom, pan and color adjustment
Nice Presentations
- Slideshow with attractive effects
- Customized slideshows (presentations)
- Slideshow music
Image management
- True image manager with folder manipulation. Do you have a large card?
- True image editing (crop, resize, rotate, colors). Need to send a smaller image?
And many Extras
- GIF animations
- Faxes
- Make use of the image GPS information
- Read image Exif data (camera settings…)
- Assign image to contact
- Set image as wallpaper
- Send using MMS, e-mail, BT, IR
- Upgrade from v4.xx to v5.xx
- Slideshow music
- Custom (stored) slideshows
- Interface to Google Maps (for images with GPS info)
- Improved Exif info
- A lot of smaller addins

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