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Posted by Beta Mobiles Thursday, September 3, 2009

-:- Freeware Python Scripts -:-              Credit goes to www.symbian-freak.com

Arrow Freewares : Fun Apps for S60 (Python)
Free Funny Python Scripts on your S6- Phone !

Arrow Time-Lapse Photography on S60!
Time-Lapse Photography on your S60 Phone!

Arrow Freeware: The All In One Torch for 3rd edition phones!
Use your phone as a torch, using the camera flash, of course because it is much better solution than the weak screen illumination.

Arrow Text to Speech via Python

Arrow SmartSIS v1.0 beta - unpack sisx document on phone
Unpacks any sis / sisx SmartSIS file in the directory.

Arrow Backuper 1.0 For S60 (Freeware) (2nd Ed)
The program is designed to back up data to the smartphone
and formatted for quick restoration of the configuration menu
after the failed extraction flash.

Arrow AppOFF v1.0 (2nd ed)
This utility allows to hide your applications and games on your mobile phones.

Arrow Musician for s60 (freeware)
If you're a musician and you need a tool to tune your guitar or violin, a metronome and a small playable piano to play simple melodies Musician is the free S60 application made for you.

Arrow pys60dict for S60 3rd Ed (Freeware)
pys60dict is a browser for dictionaries in 'dictd' format written in Python. Files in this format a are e.g. available from http://freedict.org, WordNet, Jargon and lots of other places.

Arrow Amora for S60 (Python-Freeware)
Amora (A mobile remote assistant) implements control of mouse and most of keyboard shortcuts (ESC, ENTER, SPACE, arrow keys, etc) making easy this task. Not only that, but you can take screenshots of the active window in your current graphic session (i.e. see thumbnails of PC windows in your cellphone screen).

Arrow LifeGuide v1.1 for Symbian
Bible-based guide to life, a scripture for every occasion, every mood. LifeGuide presents the choices from the opening section of the famous Gideon bibles found in hotel rooms. You can choose any of the dozens of different categories and feelings and will get a scripture that's appropriate to the occasion.

Arrow PyAmazon for S60 (Python :: Freeware)
To enable the access of reviews and other informations about a book in the bookstore, we've developed PyAmazon using Python for S60. It allows you to retrieve informations and reviews about books directly from the Amazon website and display them on your Nokia S60 device.

Arrow Freeware: pyBattery v1.3 - freeware battery manager for S60
pyBattery is the small freeware Python based application, battery manager actually that provides an opportunity to constantly monitor the state of the battery, to monitor charging and lifting charger of the phone and provides the customizable audio signal at full charge.

Arrow PySystemUtilities for s60 3rd Ed (Freeware-Python)
A small collection of 3 very useful utilities for our 3rd Edition Symbian phone: Restart with Delay, immediate Restart and Screenshots

Arrow Sydewynder for S60 (Freeware-Python)
Sydewynder is an open-source SMS receiver and sender application written in Python for the Nokia S60 phones.

Arrow PyUnix for S60 2nd edition (Freeware-Python)
PyUnix : linux-like console for PyS60.

Arrow pyEkran 2.00 Total Final [english version]
It keeps your phone's backlight on, should work in any one phone.

Arrow Freeware: pyRestart for S60 3rd edition!
pyRestart is a small system utility that on demand quickly reboot your phone, it actually triggers the reboot API and force system to reboot

Arrow P4-Social Networking App(Freeware-Python)
A Nokia Series 60 compatible Python script that prototypes a social networking application. The application would allow friends to organize themselves around events happening nearby on any given evening.

Arrow mpatra v0.1 for S60 (Freeware-Python) (2nd ed?)
A simple and basic pdf viewer.

Arrow mobioo v0.1, OpenOffice reader for S60 2nd (Freeware-Python)
mobioo v0.1, first OpenOffice (odt) reader in PyS60!

Arrow pyFileManager for S60 3rd Ed (Freeware-Python)

Arrow pyFTPclientS60 (Freeware-Python)
pyFTPclientS60 is a simple FTP implementation for Series 60 phones written in python.

Arrow wikkit for S60 (Freeware-Python)
A program designed to make your note taking life easier. WikiPad is a wiki-like scratchpad for Nokia Series 60 phones. By Christopher Schmidt

Arrow Python for Series 60 App: QuoteGrab (Freeware)
Stock Ticker Application

Arrow Torch with Python Script for Symbian 3rd Devices
An Actual First-of-its-kind Strobe Light

Arrow Updated: EasyEdit - Text editor for S60 devices (freeware)
EasyEdit is an intuitive, friendly and very simple text editor for S60 phones developed in Python with a lot of useful features.

Arrow Mobile Web Server updated to 1.2
Mobile Web Server Script

Arrow pytranslator for S60 (Freeware)
Pytranslator - A Simple Python based translator which uses BabelFish service from Yahoo.com

Arrow Useful Python for Series 60 App: Dict2Go (Freeware)
A Simple Dictionary App written in Python by Matt Croydon , it queries the given word at dict.org and presents it back.

Arrow PED - A full-featured Python IDE for S60 (Freeware)
Ped is a text editor written using Python for S60. It may be used to edit any text file but was created mainly to write/edit Python scripts on the phone. It provides tools that make this task easier.

Arrow SmartSIS 1.82 for s60 (Freeware)
(Pack,unpack & sign sis files)

Arrow SisBoom (Freeware s60v2)
it's something like smartsis for s60v3 devices, just that this is for s60v2

Arrow PyNetMony for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Phones (Freeware)
PyNetMony is a GSM, UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth Monitor tool with support of internal or external GPS.

Arrow [COOL] RenameR : A Freeware to Rename apps in phone (python)
it's a small but powerful tool to rename app in both rsc and aif file, and as easy as ....

Arrow MobiSigner v1.2 for S60 (Freeware)
Supported the signing of their own to support the signature of signatures of public support for removing Show details automatic identification certificate signed certificate types can be signed within a document 1.6 M

Arrow (Python) FreiMinMon S60 3rd
FreiMinMon - the free minutes monitor for S60 3rd Edition smartphones
Current consumption of Included minutes and SMS from your Provider.

Arrow AniSimb - Animated operator logo (Python App)
Here is little python app that can install animated operator logo.

Arrow Freeware: Introducing the S60 3rd edition SMS Reader Let your Phone read your SMS!

Arrow pyEdit v0.19 for S60 3rd Ed (Freeware-Python)
pyEdit for S60 is a powerful text editor for Symbian S60 phones written in Python. It is supposed to work in 2nd and 3rd edition Symbian phones.

Arrow UPCOMING: pysweeper - minesweeper Python
Minesweeper in Python .. coming soon!

Arrow pyspy for s60 (Freeware-Python)
PySpy is a program designed to carry out Video surveillance with mobile phones that incorporate a camera Photo and the Symbian operating system.

Arrow N95 As External BT GPS (Freeware-Python)
Python Turn your S60 phone with an internal GPS (eg your N95) into a Bluetooth GPS

Arrow SIStail v2.2 for S60 (Freeware-Python)
This program is intended for removal of files from the removed program,broad gullies ,in consequence of that they are unpredictable situations for example rebooting,bluetooth etc

Arrow Freeware: BT Terror - Terrorize Your Friends Wink Play some Mindgames with your Friends hehe ..

Arrow FREEWARE: SmartClock v1.0 - An Intelligent Talking Clock
SmartClock is an intelligent talking clock that can read out the current time without ever requiring a keypress, using your S60 3rd Edition phone's built-in text to speech-engine.

Arrow Freeware: Mobile Personal Assistant v1.00 (English)
A very handy little App, that reads your 24h Status Calendar using the built-in Text to Speech Engine

Arrow Exclusive : ListSMS™ for S60 (Freeware - Python) *updated*
A Simple Python Application which will export all sms in the inbox to a text file

Arrow pyRecorder for S60 (Freeware-Python)
A Simple application that lets you record video

Arrow SISInfo (Freeware)
SISInfo is a tool for inspecting the contents of Symbian SIS installation packages. Supported SIS file format is the one introduced in Symbian 9.1 and S60 3rd edition. File format specification can be found here

Arrow Mp3 Editor for S60 (Freeware)
A Freeware Tool for Editing Mp3 Right In Our Mobile Phones . features included , Split , Join , ID3 Tag Editor .....

Arrow AyIX for S60 (Freeware-Python)
AyIX is a pure Python-based emulated Unix-like OS for Series 60 mobile phones

-:- Accelerometer based Scripts -:-

Arrow NiiMe Wheel (ALPHA) - Available for Download and Testing!
Use your Phone as Steering Wheel in Racing Games!!

Arrow ShakeLock v1.04 Beta - The first public version is available for download!
For those who don’t know, ShakeLock is Python application that uses the Accelerometer Plug-in package to hook into the accelerometer and to detect movement and change the lock state according to movement direction.

Arrow Funny: pyPiwo - Half real, half magic, convert your phone
pyPiwo for 3rd edition - Brew and drink beer on your Phone! Cheers!

Arrow UPDATE: NiiMe Mouse - Using the phone as the 3D Mouse
NiiMe Mouse - PC Mouse & Wheel control for the Nokia N95!

Arrow pyMoneta: Nokia N95 Magic - Use N95 as a Money Machine?!!
Trick your Friends with this simple Python Script!

Arrow N95 sensor - Rotation sensor (Freeware-Python)
A Simple application that uses the built-in sensor of the N95 device as a rotation sensor. When turning the phone to the left, right, up, down, the application should trigger a pop-up note telling left, right, up, down respectively.

Arrow Accelerometer BallGame for N95 (Freeware)
This fun MIDlet is inspired by a game that many of us played when we were little children where tiny marbles have to make their way around the obstacles, through the wooden maze, without losing it down a hole.

Arrow Freeware: Transform Your Phone Into Interactive Aquarium!
pyRybka - Virtual aquarium for your phone

Arrow Update: pyPoziomica 2.0 - The Final English Version!
pyPoziomica for 3rd ed Use Your Phone As Level Tool


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