Smart Settings V3.0 For Nokia S60v5

Posted by Beta Mobiles Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smart Settings adds a “Start menu” to the phone for quick access to your favorite applications(by exactly 2 keystrokes). It also gives the possibility to disable the default lock/unlock combination “Unlock+*” and define new, more convenient ones.
Main features:
* Start Menu: It provides a way to customize your phone so that it looks in your own unique way. You can use these set of features for quick access of your favourite applications. For them you can chose speed keys (1-9). After that, they will be accessible by the Left or Right Selection Key + Their Speed Key.
* Easy Unlock: Forget the boring Unlock + * and choose the most convenient unlock combination for yourself. Your phone has never been that cool and secure
* Define the name displayed over the “Start menu” soft key.
* Define a message which will be displayed on a keystroke in case the keypad is locked and “Unlock + *” is disabled
* Define an auto lock with application –exceptions, where the keypad won’t lock
08 June 2009
Smart Settings is now available for Nokia 5800 Express Music
01 September 2009
Smart Settings is now available for Nokia N97, you can also dial contacts right from your start menu!
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