Smartphoneware GSMNavigator V1.0 For S60V3

Posted by Beta Mobiles Friday, September 11, 2009

A useful tool working with GSM cells and GPS position data. It allows assigning various actions to be automatically performed while entering or exiting a specific location: play a sound, change profile, launch an application, send SMS or e-mail and many other actions.
Main Features:-
-Grouping several GSM cells into one location and working with it;
- Specifying a GPS position and accuracy radius for a location;
- Sound and text alerts upon location change;
- Assigning various actions performed upon entering or exiting a location;
- Ability to rename GSM cells, tagging them with intelligible labels;
- Detailed information on GSM cells;
- Intuitive easy to use user interface;
What’s new in Best GSMNavigator for S60 3rd edition 1.01:
- Navigation options significantly improved with GPS location functionality;
- Alarms configuration and functionality improved;
- Language selection menu added;


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