ThemeEdit V1.00-Svg symbian 3rd

Posted by Beta Mobiles Friday, September 18, 2009

ThemeEdit V1.00-Svg TTb Mif Mbm-En By Nima79
English name: theme edit
Software Version: 1.00
Translated :Nima79
Developers: Wishing
Test models: 3250, n78
Support models: the theory had been all s60v3, need py platform and its support of plug-ins
Before using this software to ***** mobile phone, close the Permissions

Themeedit version 1.00 update
1: SVG editor support SVG file browser, packing a single file, directory, such as packing operation. Note used to choose the directory that you have to deal with the directory where the SVG document. svg under list? single move? next page. This feature is applicable to extract the icon theme icon for the software, as well as amendments to the icon theme not look good.

2: MIF Editor to support the views of the entire MIF resources? Single move? 10 mobile. Support the extraction of resources for the png format, unpack the entire MIF files (stored in E: \ themeedit \ svg \ next. If the software can not extract all of the svg document describing some of the data is encrypted, it is the bottleneck of the current technical .

3: mbm theme editor to edit the mbm file, choose to change the direct mbm picture, and then the picture would like to replace to replace. ttb editor, for editing sounds ttpod skin every day with the boot screen, methods Ibid. Note: after each package clear the cache, otherwise the second error will be packaged.

4: Modify the theme name: by way of an amendment to modify the theme skn file in the menu "theme model" in the name of a direct choice of the theme you want to modify by pressing the navigation key, enter the new name.

5: Modify the theme of color: by modifying the theme skn file to modify the color of Chinese characters, the only color used the theme of the algorithm, almost all of the text to modify the color.

6: delete the selected theme: you can delete the program management function can not be the subject of removal. Note: Do not delete the theme being used, or else they will make mistakes.

7: the coexistence of the selected topics: the use of the selection of the theme you want to co-exist, enter the subject of co-existence after the folder name, the name usually given a little modification can be based on. Finally, enter the name of the theme of co-existence after the success on the co-existence.

8: Clear your cache: the d disk to delete temporary files to free up memory. You can also manually delete the cache of this software in order to prevent the deletion of other documents.
ThemeEdit V1.00-Svg symbian 3rd


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