TTPod v3.51 EN Updated CnDTeam's translation by SymPViet

Posted by Beta Mobiles Friday, September 25, 2009

Series 60 3rd Edition

Every day is a pleasant to the ears are not required to register, completely free cell phone music player software, set playback, equalizer, lyrics, sleep mode, alarm clock and many other functions, operation simple and powerful. Every day, appealing to the user's need for the development direction and strive to become the user in mind the best player, becoming the most popular cell phone music player software.

Version 3.51 updates:

1. Solve some of the models when you are prompted to install the file corruption problem
2. Fixed part of the models displayed full-screen mode, ambiguous lyrics
3. Support the search box does not enter the artist name to search
4. Fix the problem sleep mode failure
5. Repair lyrics to customize the path in Chinese, it will appear as garbage problem
6. To solve skin errors, the program can not use the issue of
7. Whether the increase in update "daily recommended" switch option
8. Modify the optimization search download logic, and in exact match, no pop-up selection box
9. Repair the skin using the album Control mode, some of the songs built-in image shows the problem is too small
10. Increase the download status of the text search tips
11. To amend automatically hide the problem of spectrum

TTPod 3.51 Highlights:

1. To solve the previous version of the Friends of the Friends of the feedback part of the problem
2. Modify the optimization of the search to download logic, experience and efficiency to improve

Note: Install Path4run if u see "System Error" bug! (Included in download file)



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