WeeWheel is a freeware Symbian application for Nokia S60 3rd & 5th edition mobile devices that uses the built in accelerometer of nokia smartphone to detect motion and convert it into joystick, mouse or keyboard signals for computer using a simple Bluetooth connectivity, This allow you to control the PC by just moving your mobile device.

Key features of WeeWheel for Nokia S60 include:

- Remote joystick emulation with an acceleromenter through Bluetooth.
- Mouse & Keyboard emulation.
- Up to 8 Joystick button emulation through the mobile phone’s keypad.
- Macro: Record and play phone actions.

WeeWheel is compatible with Nokia S60 3rd and 5th Edition and Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Quick Installation instructions:

Download and install Python on your Nokia S60 mobile device from here.

Install the PC component:
1. Download and extract PP Joy on your PC from here and run setup.exe
2. Go to Control Panel and select the Parallel Port Joysticks icon
3. Click the Add button
4. Click on the Parallel Port dropdown menu and select Virtual Port.
5. Click Add. Now select the newly created Virtual Joystick
6. Click on Mapping. Click Next. Choose 2 axes, 8 buttons, 0 POV hats. Click Next three times and click Finish.
7. Install WeeWheel

For more instructions download WeeWheel manual here [PDF].


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