WeFi v1.07.21 S60v3/v5

Posted by Beta Mobiles Saturday, September 12, 2009

WeFi is a “sniffer” of Wi-Fi (sniff) public and private. It can connect to the network of the best quality, but also offers instant messaging designed to chat with your contacts WeFi nearby.
The detection of wireless connections is automatic you can see their level of quality at a glance. Unless you know the WEP or WPA key to one of these networks, one must rely on the free access points, very few outside the cities.
This mobile version has the advantage of automatically disable GPRS to WiFi when it is detected and that WeFi can establish a connection.
WeFi also locate your friends on a map, provided you have created an account on the site WeFi.com. Instant messaging allows you to chat with those who are connected.
WeFi mixture wireless sensor and communication tool. It is rather a good idea, provided they live in urban areas and have a lot of friends who use it also.
When you’re not connected, WeFi constantly monitors your surroundings, so when you do want to connect it’s already aware of the best network.
Here are some key features of “WeFi (S60 3rd Edition)”:
*Verified internet access
*Automatic connection to the best spot
*A comprehensive backend system that uses Wi-Fi data gathered by the entire
*community (coming soon)
*Constant checks of your surroundings to provide you the best Wi-Fi on demand


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