See-Fi v9.4.3 S60v3 J2ME

Posted by Beta Mobiles Monday, October 19, 2009

See-Fi v9.4.3 S60v3 J2ME - Phone-To-Phone Calendar Sharing And Scheduling Tool
See-Fi puts the control into your hands.*.*.*See-Fi solves schedule conflicts and simplifies everyday essentials by enabling you to share your mobile phone calendar in real-time with designated contacts using text messaging.
Features :
*. Instantly lookup schedules of multiple people
*. Share your mobile phone calendar with your designated contacts - customers, vendors, business affiliates, friends and family
*. Instantly lookup schedules of multiple people across businesses without a flurry of back and forth emails and calls
*. Schedule appointments with multiple people
*. Works across business boundaries
*. Does not force you or your contacts to upload calendar to any server
*. Activity Log to track all interactions such as who looked at your calendar and who has scheduled appointments with you
*. No intrusion to privacy; You decide who can access your calendar; Your appointment details are never shared
*. Converts an ordinary mobile phone into your Personal Assistant
*. Automatically responds to schedule lookup and appointment requests by your contacts very convenient while driving, in meetings, or when you are away from your phone
*. Works even if your contacts have different phones or different mobile service.

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