SmartTouch v0.45 - PC Remote Control For S60v5

Posted by Beta Mobiles Thursday, October 15, 2009

SmartTouch is application for S60 5th Edition which allows you to control your PC via bluetooth. All you need is a 5800 XpressMusic or an N97 as well a bluetooth enabled computer. Back than, users had some issues with this software but now SmartTouch have been updated and it works significant better now. The software you need is absolutely freeware. Need to install Python 1.9.7 and SmartTouch on phone memory.

This is perhaps the first program of its kind for the platform with a touch screen. You can control the computer in 3 modes:
# Media player mode, where you can manage the prakicheski any player on your computer. "play/pause", "next", "prev", "mute". While the available buttons: "play / pause", "next", "prev", "mute" and volume keys.
# Mode keys, which are available keys Up Down Left Right Esc and Enter. Conceived as management games, but still does not work with all games.

# And food: "virtual touchpad. Control mice carried touchscreen phone (better to use the stylus). Present settings, left-hander, right-hander. The sensor, which is located to the left of the front of the camera, plays the role of the left mouse button. For clicking on it, just approach the finger.

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