WebGate Advanced Blocker v2.13.235 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Posted by Beta Mobiles Monday, November 2, 2009

How it works?
* Create a blacklist rule: to block certain contacts from calling/texting you, you just need to import them in the application. You can import contacts from phonebook, from the phone log and manually. Hidden callers can also be blocked!
* Group filters allow you to apply the same blocking rules for all of your phonebook contacts, all contacts not in phonebook and hidden callers.
* Incoming calls (voice and video) are blocked with a busy tone. Messages (text messages, MMS and WAP push messages) are silently filtered with no sound or light indication.
* Details of each filtering rule allow you to fine-tune the blocking options for the selected contact(s) or text pattern ? you can choose whether to accept or reject calls, SMS, MMS and WAP Push messages.
* Visual indicator on the stand-by screen monitors AB’''''s activity and shows you if there are new blocked calls/messages.
* Blocked History log shows you all new blocked events.
What can you block?
Advanced Blocker recognizes any type of incoming communication and will instantly and silently block events from blacklisted contacts or rules:
* Voice calls
* Video calls
* Anonymous calls
* WAP push messages
Features and Advantages
Advanced Blocker seamlessly integrates with your phone and the standard phone software to ensure flawless performance and intact blocking of calls and messages. Features include:
* Silent instant reject of all blacklisted numbers, number patterns and text rules;
* Auto-start mode - option to automatically start-up AB after phone restart;
* Blocking of fixed numbers or groups of numbers (wildcard * number filters);
* Discreet activity indicator on the phone's stand-by screen;
* Various contact import options - import from the phone's log, from phone's contact book, manual import;
* Blocked history log for detailed history of filtered events;
* Visual indicators providing instant overview of all new blocked events in the blacklist rules main screen;
* Blocked messages can be easily viewed and restored;
* Full reject entry log with details screen for each blocked event;
* Customizable reject options for blacklisted contacts - you can select what kind of events to accept or reject from each number - calls, SMS, MMS, WAP push messages;
Take your time while Advanced Blocker takes care of your privacy!

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